Monday, September 30, 2013

Rami Kim shows a technique from her new AQS book Elegant Cotton Wool Sil...

Fabric Postcard

Evening Bloggers,

I am working on a fabric postcard which I am going to use the new technique for tumbling blocks I found on You Tube. The link is posted above.

I found the stamp I need to use on E-bay this evening which should arrive October 4th. Do you believe it is going to be October already....

I am taking photos as I go along and will post them in a few day (if I can stay awake from the overtime we are scheduled to work)...LOL

Have a great evening.
Peace Out!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Butchie...

Evening Bloggers,

I did my brother Butch proud today. 

Whenever we were in a car traveling and he drove by golfers he would blow his horn. I asked why he did that and he said it was to mess them up as they were swinging.

Well....I did it. As I drove past the golfers today, one had his arms up and was swinging down and I blew my horn. I hope in the afterlife your loved ones can see...for if they Butchie was laughing his butt off.

Taken up North when we buried dad. The summer before Butch died. Love you my Butchie.
Have a good night bloggers....OH I saw a new technique on how to do tumbling blocks. I will do photos and give it a shot.

Peace Out!

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Scarlet Thread

Evening Bloggers,

Just finished an excellent book by Francine Rivers titled: The Scarlet Thread.

Though these women lived in separate times their lives were similar. 

Mary Catherine Murray keeps a journal of her life and travels to unsettled Oregon but turning to settle in California.

Sierra Madrid is in modern times. 

What an amazing book telling both lives as you read along and how they connect in the end with the quilt Mary Catherine made. Who is Sierra's ancestor.

You know I was crying through this one. If you get a chance give this book a read. It is wonderful.

Peace Out Bloggers!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fabric Envelope

Good Evening Bloggers,

Well, I made a fabric envelope as I said I would.

I took a pretty piece of fabric and ironed on a fusible interfacing (Pellon 808 Craft Fuse) which is also machine washable.

The fabric was too thick and would not work in the cutter. But I did use the scoring tool to make the lines to fold the envelope. The notches used in this design were cut with scissors instead.

The double sided tape did not work well to seal the envelope, also the Permanent Carfter's Tape did not hold up well either. There is a fabric tape I am going to buy to try, it fuses by ironing.

I would not try to mail this envelope using fabric but just think what a personal touch it would be to give a gift card using an envelope made by you.

Back of envelope.
Back of envelope closed.

Front of envelope.

If you look close you can see the double sided tap I used to hold the flap down.

Holding the envelope secure with a ribbon adds a nice touch.

A view of the back

I hope you enjoyed the ideas given. Most family and friends love homemade gifts.

Have a good night Bloggers.

Peace Out!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New Toy

Evening Bloggers,

I have a new toy thanks to my sister Pat.I am trying to post this before 10pm because I am soooo past my bed time but I believe I will go somewhat past 10 because I am so excited and want to share.

It is an envelope maker. The size I picked will hold a 4x6 in. folded index card used for a small invitation or such.

I purchased this on HSN (home shopping network) the item# is 1146224 - Envelope Punch Board. Cost is $19.95 and I paid $3.94 for shipping and handling. Not sure where you all may live but the shipping may vary.

Let's get started

For this envelope I used a 6x6 in. square paper.

Following the directions you line up the left edge of the paper on the score line, notch out the corner and score your fold line.

Following the directions you rotate counter clockwise lining up the score line with the score guide till your envelope is ready to fold.

Using the back side of the notch you insert the corners of your envelope to round the corners.

Inserting the corner.

Rounded corner is made.

Using you scoring tool, make a nice flat fold in your envelope.

I used glue but you can also use a double sided tape.

Just be sure when you glue or tape your envelope closed you do not go to the peak of the under fold or it will glue itself to the inside of the envelope.

Here is the finished project.

This envelope holds a 4x6 inch folded index card.

What a fun project.

I was thinking of trying this with fabric. I will post it when I do.

Peace Out Bloggers I hope you enjoyed the technique.

Jane Eyre....

What a fantastic book. I think I may listen again. All these years I have avoided reading Jane Eyre because it seemed long.

I did not want to see the movie when it came out because I was hoping eventually I WOULD find time to read it. But listening in the car to and from work gave me the opportunity.

This is a book I could listen to over and over again.

This is sooooo a thumbs up!

Peace Out!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Jane Eyre...

Evening again Bloggers,

I have been listening to Charlotte Brontë's book - Jane Eyre.

On my way to work in the morning I will be listening to disk 12 of 17.

I always heard it was a good book but never read it. Now with audio books I can catch up on a lot of books driving to and from work.


Oh what I have missed by not liking to read.

I will post how I liked the ending.

For now...
 Peace Out Bloggers!


Evening Bloggers,

What an absolutely wonderful weekend with family and friends. 

My sister Pat and her husband, of 18 years today, Dave came up for the holiday weekend.

We laughed and cried together. Saturday was a dinner with relatives whom haven't seen Pat and Dave for a while. 

If some of you may recall...Dolly and I surprised Pat on her birthday, November 17th last year, just as she started losing her hair from chemo. She bit the bullet and made the trek up north to see us and I think she looks and is doing wonderful.

I did forget to say Happy Anniversary to Pat when she called telling us she got home Anniversary Pat and Dave and many more.

This picture was taken Up North when we buried Dad. Or should I say in Dad's words "Dumped him in the river"

 Peace Out Bloggers and I hope your weekend was a wonderful as ours...