Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Evening Bloggers,

This is the radar right now @ approx. 9:15pm.

Now, lets talk about my trip home from work.

Very strange weather. At 3:30pm I was headed north into lightening and very dark skies. Yes...I was ready to crap myself....kinda hard to drive with your hands over your eyes but I managed, I just spread my fingers and peaked through the cracks.

I was stopped at a red light (of all luck) black skies lighting up all around me then all of a sudden the sun comes out. Very bright and hot...what the????? Just like in the eye of the hurricane. Then, along with others, I tried to drive...scary as all poop. The cars in front of me looked like they had no control...then it hit my car...I swear to God Dorothy and Toto were at my side...the car felt like it wanted to lift up. All I could think was da ta da ta da da...da ta da ta da and your little dog too.

I called home and said "have the front door open so I can run inside"

I like storms even less now.

Have a good night all...I should have been in bed 30min ago.

Peace Out!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Un-finished elephant

Hello Bloggers,

One of the ladies from the Cornucopia Group brought in a few quilts that were gifts from her Aunt and one that she made. She also brought in an elephant embroidery she started about 18 years ago. When she purchased this the elephant was already on there. She gave up working on it because it was too time consuming. It is just put away to be unfinished...so...I volunteered to fill in the rest of the gray area for her.

If you noticed I evened up and filled in the sides at the top. I am now working from bottom up. I tried to match the color the best I could. I am also going to frame it for her.

Have a good evening Bloggers!

Peace Out!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Mary Balogh

Hello Bloggers,

I went with a different author this time. Mary Balogh wrote this book titled: No Man's Mistress.

I don't like to read what the book is about while i choose one. I judge by the cover and title. It's all bout the cover presentation. I would much rather be surprised.

Well, this one took a wild turn with all the love and romance you like in a book.

It was time for a time period change, which I prefer over modern time novels.

Good Night Bloggers.

Peace Out!


My trip...

Hello Bloggers,

As mentioned before I bought a brand spanking new pink bike to get exercise.

Last week the weather was beautiful. I finally got the courage to take my bike out for a spin. I went to the parking lot across the street so I would not be too far from home.

I was so proud...I got the bike going for about 30 seconds and saw a hole coming. I just happened to stop over the hole so my foot did not hit the ground as fast as I would have liked it to. Needless to say I have bruising on the outer side of my right knee and right elbow as the result of falling off. They both hurt like a bugger...LOL

My husband helped me up and the bike is hanging in the garage for now.

I will never say (come on, it's as easy as riding a bike) again.

So long bloggers.

Peace Out!

Nora Roberts

Evening Bloggers,

Been a week or so but I did finish the fourth book in the Bride Quartet by Nora Roberts titled: Happy Ever After.

This book was the last of the four friends who grew up playing wedding day and finding the man of her dreams.

Parker and Mal, being an unlikely match, are the last to fall in love.

The four girls Parker, Laura, Emma and Mac who grew up together, find the love of their lives (Del, Carter, Jack and Mal an outsider from their group) basically in their own back yard.

Each of them have a special skill. A photographer, baker, florist and business planner.

Another great set of books to read by Nora Roberts.

I am far from being a critic I just know what I like to read and pass it on.

Give this quartet a try. I myself don't have enough time to sit and read a book. As stated before I get the unabridged audio recordings and listen in the car to and from work, at break or lunch time or when I am at the computer.

Peace Out!