Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Joey at rest...

Evening Bloggers,

Sad day today. We entered Rod's brother Joey into rest.

For those who did not know...Joey's last bout in life was fighting cancer.

Joey was laid to rest in style and comfort surrounded by his loving family and dearest friedns. 

I do have some pictures to share with you...but I will not post the ones of him.

I myself was so happy when I saw Joey after we left him so drained after his death on Friday. The funeral home did such a fantastic job. Joe looked like his old self again.

He was sporting a white bandana on his forehead with his sunglasses resting on his head. He was in his Black Harley vest with a long sleeve Harley T-shirt surrounded by memory photos and memorabilia to take on his journey into his new life. His lap was covered with his Harley blanket before the casket was closed. On the hood of the casket was an embroidery of a motorcycle done with orange to represent Harley. His niece Sonia's girls called him Peace Man. The words were put on there to represent Joe because he was the peace maker along with being very loving.

The following pictures are from the cemetery. He is buried about 40 feet away from his mom (Diana) who passed away in 2011. On the other side of the cemetery in the military section is his father (Rex) who passed away in 1996.

We shared some of Joey's flowers with his parents before we left the cemetery.

Rest in peace our loving Joey and we will see you when our journey comes.

 This was on the inside cover of the coffin. Absolutely wonderful accent. And so appropriate.

 This motorcycle is on the top of the vault.

 Peace Out!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

My personal creation....

Hello Bloggers,

I have been creating. This is how my room gets when I start a project...because...I cannot work on one project at a time there has to be many.

Since this tornado has come through it is time for Samantha to come wiggle her nose.

See ya after the clean up.

Peace Out! 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Loss of a Brother...

Evening Bloggers,

My husband's brother passed away yesterday. He was only 55 years old. I will not get into a long explanation but in the long run...CANCER SUCKS.

Love and Hugs to my husband and his family...the best in-laws a girl could ever ask for.

Peace Out and Rest in Peace Joey!

Framed Elephant

Evening Bloggers,

So...I finally finished Susan's elephant needlepoint. To be honest I was so excited I was finished I brought it to work the very next day...forgetting to take a picture. I felt bad asking her to bring it back in but I told her I like to take pictures of thing I make and asked if she would please bring it back. She did...yippy!

Here are a few shots of the finished project. Oh...She said it has been in the drawer since 1978...Holy Cow. Hope you all like it.

Some people thought the image was a hat but it is needle point in a hoop.

Peace Out!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Finished Elephant

Evening Bloggers,

I got the elephant finished for Susan at work. Mind you, I worked around her needlepoint not wanting to disturb what she worked so hard at approx. 18 years ago.

I told her I got the embroidery part finished and asked if she would like me to make a pillow or a wall hanging out of it and she requested a wall hanging.

I did pick out a fabric I thought would look nice. I am going to start it this evening and hopefully finish tomorrow evening after work.

The pink in the elephant did not photograph as nicely as the first one but I think this fabric will compliment the elephant.

Until tomorrow night bloggers.

Peace Out!