Friday, August 23, 2013

Chenille Project

Evening Bloggers,

A couple Sundays ago my sister Pat sent me a site to make a chenille blanket. I took advantage of this design and made a pillow cover for Betty at work who turned 87 on her last birthday.

Being in a hurry I did not think to take pictures as I went along but here is the finished project. It was a fun project to do but next time I will take my time and make a baby blanket.

These are the fabrics I used. A pretty butterfly pattern for attaching the chenille affect fabric. Three colors white, yellow and light purple to make the chenille. The dark purple was used to make the pocket for the pillow.

You learn as you go along. I used the butterfly fabric as the is on the inside of the pillow case. Next time I will use a plain fabric and save the pretty fabric for a blanket. The dark purple was used to make the pockets as an opening to insert the pillow.

The finished project after it has been washed. Washing it gives it the chenille affect. You can click on the picture to take a closer look.

A couple close up shots of the finished project. You will understand better when I do the step by step pictures. You actually sew diagonal lines 1/2 inch apart then cut them.

This is Betty with the pillow case on her pillow behind her back. She loves it...said it is a lot better than having the hot plastic of the bag over the pillow.

 Peace Out Bloggers!