Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nora Roberts

Evening Bloggers,

Just finished book three of the Bride Quartet by Nora Roberts titled: Savor the Moment.

Unlike books one and two which were very steamy...book three is more romantic matching up Laurel and Delaney. Nothing like hearing a sweet romance.

I know I don't talk much of the goings on in these books...but I just don't want to ruin something you may read. Reading the cover you already know who gets together but it's the leading up to that is so exciting.

Happy reading Bloggers.

Peace Out!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Tote Bag

Evening Bloggers,

Wanted to share my finished project with you.

I made at lined tote approx. 18x15 inches with a 43 inch straps. This is a nice deep tote for carrying taller items such as wine. It is great for a quick picnic or for shopping.

This tote is a donation. A co-worker/friend at work had a very good friend pass away last week. The family was unable to carry life insurance. To help this family along a fund raiser is being held for him to cover the funeral cost. This is to put in a Chinese auction.

This is my first project moving back into our home. I procrastinated long enough and now I am in the sewing mood.

Please keep this family in your prayers.

Peace Out!

Nora Roberts

Hello Bloggers and Happy Memorial Day!

We heard taps and the twenty one gun salute at the cemetery this morning. Just makes you want to cry. God bless our men and God bless America. The cemetery is just at the top of our street. 

Just finished book two of The Bride Quartet Series by Nora Roberts titled Bed of Roses.

This book is focused on Emma and Jack. OH...MY...WORD! You think book number one was STEAMY, wait till you read book number two. It is HOT!

Of course the story line is excellent with the continuation from book number one.

A fabulous writer and a great series.

Off to do some sewing. I will post a picture of my project. I am making a bag for a Chinese raffle. Depending how smooth and easy it goes, I just may make two.

Meanwhile I am going to listen to book three of the quartet series as I work.

Peace Out

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nora Rberts

Evening Bloggers,

Just finished book one in the Bride Quartet series. Book one is titled Vision in White.

A story of 4 young friends, Parker, Emma, Laurel and Mac who as children always had wedding ceremonies and parties playing dress up as well.

As adults they turn out to actually run their own wedding planning/catering business.

I must say the adventures of Mac and Carter in this book are very steamy.
Can't wait till morning to start book two titled Bed of Roses.

I could read and see who falls in love next, but I would rather be surprised.

Sweet dreams Bloggers....

Peace Out!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Amost "60"

Morning Bloggers,

In just 5 short days I will be 6 decades. Oh yes, the big "60". Where has the time gone.

Would love to say I am as fit as a fiddle, but just consider me more to love.

It is 62 outside now possibly reaching 84 today. Can we say "HOT".

Well I need to be getting ready to walk out the door for work so have a beautiful day no matter what your weather may be.

Peace Out!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nora Roberts

Evening Bloggers,

Just finished another great book by Nora Roberts titled: Born In Shame.

A story that takes place in romantic Ireland with Shannon from Ohio and Murphy from Ireland. Shannon being and artist and Murphy being a farmer who start having the same dream. Murphy starting his dream at the early age of 9years.

I love romance. Next I need to find another Gothic romance.

Another great read...give it a try.

Peace Out!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Living room finished

Morning Bloggers,

Finally, the living room is finished. Everything is put away. My kitchen table and buffet did not come in which is great because we have someone coming to give us an estimate on flooring for the kitchen and living room. There will be less to move around. Think we are going wood instead of carpet for they living room and kitchen since the flow into each other.

Absolutely beautiful weekend weather wise. A crisp cool 49° last night which made sleeping great.

Off the work, everyone have a wonderful day.

Peace Out! 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Nora Roberts

Evening Bloggers,

Just finished listening to a great trilogy by Nora Roberts titled: Dream Trilogy.

An excellent novel about three friends finding love and treasure. If you get a chance give it a listen or read.

Another warm day but tolerable. If the rest of spring and summer could be like today than you would not hear me complain about the heat. Beautiful in the shade, warm in the sun and a nice breeze.

A co-worker brought in some quilts today her Aunt made. Very beautiful. I think I finally have the encouragement to finish unloading the rest of my boxes from the move and start sewing.

We do have lawn furniture to bring over yet specially my big comfy Adirondack chair and Franco's swimming pool. Franco being my male Maltese.

Franco loves the bath tub and playing with his rubber ducky in the water. It is comical. 

Peace Out!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Warm day...

Evening Bloggers,

Warm day today...got to 79°. 

Rod scheduled an oil change after work today so I met him there and we grabbed a bite to eat at The Public House while we were waiting.

We went home afterwards and did some yard work. Jesus God my butt hasn't done real yard work in a while...CAN WE SAY SWEAT!

Too tired to ride my bike this evening, I will shoot for tomorrow.

The friends I asked prayers for...well...unfortunately he had another stroke yesterday. Please continue to pray. Thanks to all.

Peace Out!